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Kathryn Potter




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Bobbie Msys
I knew her as Maine. She was a special lady and a sweetheart. I loved visiting with her. So sorry for your loss. She will be missed.

Darrell Martin
Condolences from the Martins

Colleen Coale
I have wonderful childhood memories of Maxine, Preston, and all of the family. I remember Grandma living in the backyard in a trailer. I remember Bub making popcorn in the basement and putting mustard butter on it. We loved it. My little brother Garrett and I used to run circles with the swivel Kathy's delight. Sorry, I'm sure that was obnoxious. Maxine always said leave us alone and let us play when Mama tried to stop us. She said Kathy liked it. Daddy used to race old Blue up that curvy driveway to the house. I can't remember if we ever beat Blue, but Daddy had great fun trying. Very fond memories. I regret that I've just now seen Maxine's obituary. We've been very busy this last week, as mom fell and broke her hip and has been in the city in the hospital. She has just today been moved to a recovery Rehabilitation Clinic a few blocks from Lynnete. I shared Maxine’s obituary with my Beydler siblings. we are so sorry for your loss. God bless and comfort You. Colleen Beydler Coale